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So What Does "LIMITED TIME ONLY" Mean?

From time to time I receive requests for "custom orders" which are orders for food that I do not normally stock. When I fulfill that custom order, I always make sure that I end up with a good amount of extra food. That extra food is passed on and offered to you, the hobbyist, via this "Limited Time Only" category. This gives you the opportunity to try some of the foods that I offer from time to time without having to place a custom order, which is a minimum of 25 pounds. Just food for thought for you, many of the custom orders I receive are group purchases. Once they receive their order they divide it among themselves.

When I receive "custom orders", I will send an e-mail to all registered AND subscribed members of my web site alerting them of the limited offer. If you are NOT subscribed, you will NOT receive my e-mail notifications. The e-mail will be sent approximately 1 week prior to me adding that food to this "Limited Time Only" category and will include the date that it will first appear on my web site. This will enable you to log in on the specified date to make sure you get your order placed before it runs out of stock. All "Limited Time Only' products are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Products listed in this "Limited Time Only" category are products that I have offered in the past and/or have available today. If you "click" on a product and the "add this to my cart" button appears then it is currently available and can be ordered. On the other hand, if the "add this to my cart" button does not appear then unfortunately it is not currently available and obviously cannot be ordered.

This is also the section where I sometimes will place brand new foods that I am offering. The new food(s) will stay in this section for a couple of months, and depending upon the response I receive to it, the food will then be moved into one of the permanent categories with my other foods that are always available or it will be dropped.

Again, if you are a registered AND subscribed member of this site, you will receive an e-mail notification approximately 1 week prior to any announcement(s) of custom foods becoming available. If you are not a current registered member but would like to become one, or you are a current registered member but need to update your account to "subscribe" to my newsletters, and thereby receive these notifications, click on the "Site Map" link in the "Information" box located on the lower left hand side of this page. When the site map appears, look for and then click on "My Account". When registering or updating, be sure to place a check-mark in the "General Newsletter" section to subscribe.

By the way, if you do sign up to receive "General Newsletters", I'll let it be known right here and right now - I will NOT bombard you with e-mails every other day or Newsletters every week. In fact, if the truth be known, I do not send out newsletters at all - NONE!! This advance notification type of e-mail is about the only type of unsolicited e-mail you will receive from me. Based upon custom orders I have received over the last couple of years, you might receive 6 to 8 e-mails during the course of an entire year! So go ahead and try it. Register and/or update your current registration to receive "General Newsletters" today, before you forget about doing it. Remember, if you ultimately find even this type of e-mail to be bothersome to you in any way, you can always update your registration to unsubscribe!! Thanks, Ed

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