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Having consulted numerous times with, and then adding a Veterinarian's professional list of "must have supplemental" ingredients to an already very special blend of the fresh fish that my fish foods are comprised of, a new product has taken shape and is now available in this category. The ingredients from the Vet are all natural ingredients and/or very specific vitamins.

The new product is available in two varieties - Almost Natural Cat Food Delight and Almost Natural Dog Food Delight.

So what exactly are these new products and what do they do? They are both very healthy supplements for your cats or dogs. You can expect to see the strengthening of their nails, the strengthening of their hair, a very nice improvement in the quality of the animals coat and healthier skin conditions. They both include some great natural ingredients that are very beneficial in boosting their immune systems and aid in the metabolism of fats and amino acids. The Almost Natural Dog Food Delight also includes some great all natural ingredients to help in the prevention of hip problems.

What the Vet has provided me is a very specially formulated mixture of vitamin forms of supplements and the good natural omega-3's. That's it!!! It does not contain any ingredients that are used to put an animal on a diet of any kind, i.e. to drop or gain weight. In fact, there are NO medications of any kind in the "Delight". All the ingredients in the Vets mixture have been properly proportioned to work in conjunction with each other and even more important, to work in conjunction with all of the ingredients in my fish foods. Everything is proportioned to work together.

The "Delights" do not replace any food (moist or dry) that you currently feed your pet. They don't require you to use any particular brand of food. The Almost Natural Cat/Dog Food Delight gets used in conjunction with the cat/dog food(s) that you already use. The cat version is good for use with young kittens through adult cats. The dog version is good for use with young puppies through adult dogs.

Have you ever seen your cat or dog look at you with that cocked head at feeding time as if to say "this same old stuff again"? Mayhaps they even think twice before starting to eat it or just simply walk away for a while?? LOL - I'm sure you have. Well, you very well should see that attitude change very quickly as the aroma and taste will be something out of this world for them. Forget about them being slow-to-eat anymore. You can expect them to be very eager to eat at feeding times - and constantly lick their bowls clean!!

As for calories, there are some in the mixture that the Vet provides to me and they come from the good omega's. However once that entire mixture is blended with my fish food ingredients (which is by far the major, major portion of the total combined ingredients) the calories are pretty widely spread out. Once you get down to a spoonful, there is next to nothing to count. I was told to tell people who are "calorie counters" to add 1 calorie if it makes them feel better but that would be over doing it.

The Vet suggested that the best way to think of the "Delight" is to compare it to a daily multi-vitamin that many people use. Just as multi-vitamins provide to people, the "Delight" aids in providing the daily requirements that cats/dogs require but often don't receive in their daily feedings. The "Delight" is not intended to treat or cure any diseases but it could help in their prevention and again, it does not contain any medications.

HOW TO USE IT AND STORE IT - The "Delights" are powder products that you sprinkle lightly over the top of, and then mix in with, their food at feeding times. It's very simple to use and you should store it in a cool and dark place - up to and including your refrigerator. It comes to you in a self sealing type of bag. After use, simply seal the bag about 3/4 of the way closed, gently squeeze as much air out as possible, finish sealing the bag and place in your cool, dark storage location.

Just like with my fish foods, you will not be disappointed with the results you see. In keeping with my thought of Hobbyists helping Hobbyists, the "Delights" are offered at virtually my cost - just as my fish foods are.

Make a change in your animal's life today!!! You won't be sorry and your pet will love you even more!!!


While it is still a little too early to have someone come forward and write a review of these two products on my web site, I have received a good bit of feedback. Here are some comments I've received - - - - -


"We recently adopted a 3 year old female black lab, and she has what I refer to as the standard Lab idiopathic itchy skin. Not parasites, as she's on Frontline, and no sign of allergies, she's just itchy, and scratches enough that it's a distraction.

My first recourse was to add more high quality fat to her diet, but that did not completely resolve the problem.

She loves the Doggie Delight, and was intrigued with the smell when I first opened the bag. I have to be very careful about putting it up after feeding time, because there is not doubt in my mind that she would eat the whole bag if she could get to it. I have been adding the Doggie Delight to her food for about three weeks, and I've noticed a big improvement in the itchy skin. She has always had a beautiful slick Lab coat, so it's hard to tell if there's any change in coat quality, but the scratching has definitely diminished."


"As an appetite/food enhancer, this is wonderful stuff!"


"I continue to be happy with the results with my own dog - no more itchy skin problems, and she's getting quite a bloom to her coat. She also *loves* it, and looks on eagerly as I put it on her food."


"Upon first feeding of this my 5 cats took a tentative sniff, a couple looked up at me and immediately proceeded to chow down. The first two nights it was added to food that they all eat pretty well. And they all cleaned their bowls, which was unusual. Last night they got it in food that normally 3 of them would not have eaten and they all cleaned their bowls. And our cat that is nervous because she eats in a "high traffic" area and will often run from her dish if one of us walks past, is simply making sure she is out of harm's way and has been eating until she is finished. Our cat Shadow is none too happy about this though because he is a maine coon with a voracious appetite and is used to diving into the other's left-overs and there hasn't been any... >^..^< "


"Zeek itched a LOT. His lower back mostly, so he scratched and chewed....annoying when you are trying to sleep The Vet never saw any "issues", no fleas, no rash, not dry skin, so didn't recommend anything. I only use sensative skin type doggie shampoo with oatmeal......nothing seemed to cause or help it. Well, nothing until now. I CAN say.....he's hardly itching anymore at ALL. So, BIG paws up for Ed's Dog Delight. THANKS ED (as usual)"


"I just wanted to give you an update on my experience with your new product, cat food delight.

I would say my cat is a semi finicky eater. He is the sole pet in my home and so has no competition for his food. Very often he is more interested in cat treats than the canned or dry food he is given. The dry food is available 24x7. The canned food is given at dinner.

Instead of giving him the treats, I have taken some of the dry food from his bowl and placed it on a plate. I then sprinkle on the cat food delight and place the dish on the floor. The cat eats the dry food like he is getting treats and then goes about his business and stops pestering me. I'm surprised by his reaction to this trick because he is a very smart cat.

I am anxious to see the impact to his coat since he has long hair and seems to shed a lot. I'll provide more feedback as I continue to "trick" him out of his normal treats."


"My husband and daughter have taken over feeding our dog since August of this year. A week or so ago, I noticed the dog doing an unusual amount of scratching, and gave her the next scheduled Frontline application early.

She still continued scratching, so I asked hubby and daughter if they had been giving her the Doggie Delight supplement and I got guilty looks and the admission that they had run out and forgetten to tell me. No coincidence that the new scratching started 10 -14 days after they ran out!

Please rush the new order of Doggie Delight, Star the Labrador will thank you!"

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Cat Food Delight

The Almost Natural Cat Food Delight is a very healthy powder supplement for your cats. You can expect to see the strengthening of their nails, the...

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