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The Almost Natural Cat Food Delight is a very healthy powder supplement for your cats. You can expect to see the strengthening of their nails, the strengthening of their hair, a very nice improvement in the quality of their coat and healthier skin conditions. Also included are some great natural ingredients that are very beneficial in boosting their immune systems and aid in the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Make a difference in your cats life today!!!

Almost Natural Cat Food Delight can be used for young kittens on up to full grown cats.

Almost Natural Cat Food Delight does not replace any food (moist or dry) that you currently feed nor does it require you to use any particular brand of food. Instead, you use it in conjunction with the cat food(s) that you currently use.

HOW TO USE IT AND STORE IT - After putting the cat food in its bowl, sprinkle the Almost Natural Cat Food Delight lightly over the top of the food. Mix the food up a little so the Almost Natural Cat Food Delight gets blended in with the food, more especially if you are feeding a wet food. The only thing left to do is serve it to your cat. You should store it in a cool and dark place - up to and including your refrigerator. It comes to you in a self-sealing type of bag. After use, simply seal the bag about 3/4 of the way closed, gently squeeze as much air out as possible, finish sealing the bag and place in your cool, dark storage location.

Several Vet's have been using this for just over 3 months prior to it appearing on my web site. Although there is no set amount to put on the cats food, the following can be used as a gauge. Again, all you need is a very light sprinkling over their food before mixing it in. In part, the amount used depends on how big the bowl is and how much food you have to spread the "Delight" over the top of.

The Vet's have been using up to 3/4 level spoon full for large cats. Small cats have been getting approx 1/4 of a level spoon full and approx 1/2 of a level spoon full for medium sized cats. If you find yourself being able to sprinkle "Delight" over all of the cats food without using the full measurement as above, then you are done with it. You do not have to use the full measurements as described as above. They are approximate measurements.

The Vet also said that that there is nothing in the ingredients that would cause your cat any harm (permanent or otherwise) EVEN if someone went over board with the "Delight" and accidently dumped a whole 1/4 pound of it into the cats food. In the worst case, if that was to accidently happen, they MIGHT feel slightly uncomfortable for a little while - kind of like what you and I might feel like if we over ate at meal time or were starting to catch a cold/flu for example. With the recommended usage of APPROX 3/4 spoonful (or mayhaps a little more if you like) for large animals and less for smaller animals, this condition should never happen when used in this manner. In fact, it will never happen if you even decided to double the recommended usage, so says the Vet. The point to be made here is that you actually have some flexibility in using this, if you wished to increase the recommended usage.


Just like with my fish foods, you will not be disappointed with the results you see.

Ingredients: a very special blend of my Seafood-1 and Seafood-2 categories plus a Veterinarian�s professional list of "must have supplemental" ingredients for cats. The ingredients from the Vet are all natural ingredients and/or very specific vitamins.

Min. Crude Protein 51% Min. Crude Fat 15% Max. Moisture 10% Max Ash 8% Max. Crude Fiber 2%

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