Aquatic Freshwater Crustacean Food

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Excellent all purpose food for all types of aquatic freshwater crustaceans. Do you have aquatic freshwater shrimp, aquatic freshwater clams or other aquatic freshwater crustaceans?? If so, this food is for them.

This is a special blend of ingredients and is made especially for aquatic freshwater crustaceans. Pulverized to create a dynamic food in virtually a powder format, your aquatic freshwater crustaceans can readily eat it. It contains a highly nutritious and well balanced diet. You can expect excellent health, growth, activity and coloration of your aquatic freshwater crustaceans when feeding this food.


Since this food has been pulverized to a virtual powder form, it will start out floating. As it absorbs water from the surface of your aquarium it will slowly begin to sink. At that point, depending upon the strength of the water movement in your aquarium, it will become caught up in the water column(s) and your aquatic freshwater shrimp and other crustaceans will easily get to this food from the top of your aquarium to the bottom of your aquarium and everywhere in between.

As a side note, it took approximately 6 months to develop this food prior to its introduction on this web site. During that time there were a couple, of the dozen or so folks I had beta testing the food, who used it to feed crickets they were breeding to feed to other pets they had. The feedback was fantastic and the word spread. There are now over a dozen customers who use this food on a regular basis to feed their crickets. Who would have guessed!!!!!

Min. Crude Protein 48% Min. Crude Fat 10% Max. Moisture 9% Max Ash 11% Max. Crude Fiber 5%

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