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Algae Discs


Test of Algae Wafers by Almost Natural Fish Food

Tank Inhabitants:
1 breeding colony endler's livebearers
1 breeding colony red wag platy
1 female betta
1 African Dwarf Frog (ADF)
5 Panda Cories
Various snails

50 gal tank, low light, live plants

Tank was fed algae tablets daily for three weeks in addition to their regular feeding schedule- a rotation of various frozen, freeze dried, and flake products

The product originally arrived packaged in a zip-loc bag and vacuum sealed. Either as a result of shipping damage or as a result of the vacuum seal process, the entire bottom half of the product within the package was crumbled. I break my algae wafers up into pieces before I feed them, so this wasn't a big deal to me. It may be to others. The product had no noticeable smell. Each wafer was slightly smaller than Hikari algae wafers (my usual brand) and darker in color. The shape was identical.

T-he ADF and the betta ignored the algae tablets, which was expected. The wafers were originally intended for the panda cories. They reacted to the product in the same manner that they react to the Hikari product. When fed both brands at the same time, the fish showed no preference- they simply ate whichever they happened to be closer to. The endlers and platy fish both ate the wafers as well, after their surface supply of food was exhausted. This is also typical behavior for these fish. The endlers and platy fish also showed no preference between the Hikari product and Ed's product. The snails did appear to prefer Ed's product to Hikari, but still ate them both. I saw no change in the condition of the fish or snails over the three weeks of the test trial. There was no increase in coloration or change in behavior. I also saw no change in water quality.

Con-clusion: Algae Wafers by Almost Natural Fish Food are no better and no worse than Hikari brand algae wafers. However, they are cheaper. Their packaging needs to be improved for the wafers to survive the US Postal Service or the vacuum seal process intact.

NOTE from ED: From time to time, the question has come up "If I order Algae Discs from you, can I get whole ones?". To make a long story short, an online forum ordered several packages of various foods from me to give away as contest prizes. They left me and arrived at the forum in tact. The forum shipped to the contest winners in brown envelopes. Unfortunately, they got broken during that part of the shipping process. Unless specifically requested, I ship everything in a bubble lined box. There may end up being a few broken pieces in your order, however, 99% of them will be whole. Thanks.
Date Added: 07/19/2007 by "Betsy" from www.badmanstropicalfish.com
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