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Algae Discs


I had the opportunity to try a sample of these algae discs, and once again, I was not disappointed with the quality of Ed's foods. I originally was interested in them for my Kuhli loaches and my Brig snails, as they are the bottom feeders in my tank. Well, let me just say that I have to make sure to feed at the right times or put in extra, as my Betta and Neon Tetras also love them. They do have a tendency to "fall apart" a little faster than the store brand product that I used previously, but I also do not have the same amounts left over in the tank that I used to have.

Of course, my cats also sampled this product (not on purpose) and they have also given their seal of approval. In fact, I have one cat that NEVER eats cat treats, but readily will eat these as her treat instead. When ever I open my fish food container with Ed's foods in it, the cats come running hoping to get a treat too. I also have noticed that my fish swim up to the tank begging for more of Ed's foods. Oh, and as for those loaches that were the original intended recipients....well, they are now fatter than ever before, and quite happy!
Date Added: 06/25/2008 by Linda Landes
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