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Freshwater Flakes


My name is Charlie,
I tried a sample of your Freshwater Flakes provided by the Forum I visit on the web.


I started out in the middle of the month putting this great new product, in my 75 gallon tank.
The very first day that I fed them, they ate it all greedily, leaving nothing to hit the substrate.
They like it so much, I decided to use it in my other 3 tanks. I have a 29g, 20g, 10g, along with the 75. They all loved it. My biggest tank is full of Lake Malawi African Cichlids, mostly Mbuna.
They always eat everything I give them, but they prefer the yellow & green part of the mix. They really love this food, and I do too. there's nothing major to clean up. When I did a monthly waterchange and gravel vac, there was hardly anything major to speak of. I'm no scientist, or biologist, but they actually consume more of the food & there's less to clean up to keep it short.
I can't wait to try the other varieties that this site has. I have panda cories in the 29 and they will love the shrimp pellets I'm going to be ordering shortly.

Way to go.... You definitely have a new Lifetime Customer. I have several friends in the hobby as well, I've already told them about ya'll.

Keep up the good work, & the prices LOW :-)

Thanks again,
Charlie H.
Southwestern Missouri
Date Added: 05/23/2007 by Charlie Harvey
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