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Freshwater Flakes


I have been feeding Almost Natural flake exclusively for one month in both of my freshwater tropical community tanks. My fish have always been enthusiastic at feeding time, but they seem to adore this food.

The first thing you notice when you open the sealed bag is the smell of the food. The usual smell of flake is strong, fishy, and not especially pleasant, as any fishkeeper will tell you! But this flake actually smells appetising (if you like fish...). It has a fresh, healthy smell that is not at all unpleasant, indicating the high quality of the ingredients. The texture of this flake is noticeable as well. It's not like the flat, smooth bits of multicoloured mystery stuff you get from your average commercial brand... it has a rougher texture, with visible 'bits' in it. I hope never to have to resort to eating fish food myself, but were I a fish, I'm certain this would be by far the most appetising option! The colours of the flakes are muted and natural, and the flakes aren't overly crumbly, which should result in less dust at the bottom of the packet.

My fish now go nuts at feeding time. Yet they seem to eat less of this food than the brand I was previously using, presumably because its nutritional content is higher. I'm having to give them somewhat less at a time than I used to! They also have to actually chew the flakes, which is a first... watching my cherry barbs swimming about hastily chewing a piece of food so they can hurry back to the surface for more is quite amusing. I've never seen my fish have to really chew flake foods before... again indicating the quality of texture and fibre content.

I have three Botia striata in my main tank who have never come to the surface to eat before. They've always scrounged on the bottom for whatever tidbits land there. But within a few days of my feeding this food, they started dashing to the surface with everyone else to get their share... they love it! They also spend a lot more time scavenging in the plants near the surface, looking for any stray flakes that were missed during the last meal.

My fish are as active and healthy as ever. Their colours are bright, the tank water is clear, and there doesn't seem to be any difference in water quality since feeding this food. I can't really comment on how uneaten flakes break down in the tank, though... there's never anything left!

I can honestly say that this is the highest quality flake I have ever fed my fish. They love eating it, I love feeding it - everyone's happy. I'm converted... I can't see myself going back to a lesser quality flake again.

From me and the fish:
Thanks, Ed! :)
Date Added: 06/16/2007 by E. Warren
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