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Super Color Flakes


Let me start off by saying I have only had tropical fish for a little over three months so I am very much a beginner. I have 5 Cherry Barbs and 7 Zebra Danios. My fish are good eaters. They eat everything I give them. I feed them a very wide variety of foods and of course they do have their favorites.

I started including Ed's Super Color Flakes about a month ago. The first noticeable thing about these flakes is the rich color. They look "fresh". Second thing you can't help but notice is the smell of these flakes. They smell appetizing. The flakes are in a zip lock baggie which is convenient and helps keep them fresh.

The Danios are very frenzied eaters so the Cherry Barbs tend to avoid the frenzy directly at the top of the tank when eating. With these flakes, however, the Cherry Barbs become a little frenzied themselves and get right in their with the Danios. This is the only food they do this with. I think the Danios go from being frenzied to aggressive eaters with this food. Some of the flakes are nice and big. I have seen the danios go and take a flake right out of someone's mouth. It is absolutely hilarious to watch the fish eat this food. They swim around with big flakes covering their faces while they munch away. They love it!

These flakes seem to float longer than other flakes. The flakes don't cloud the water or affect my water parameters.

As for the fish colors being enhanced by this food, perhaps it is too soon to tell or they don't get the flakes often enough to make a noticeable difference. There was one occasion though that the gold tinge and silver tinge of the danios was very pronounced. This was quite interesting as the silver or gold tinge is one of the ways to sex danios (so I'm told). I was able to determine I have 3 females and 4 males. Up to this point I wasn't quite sure.

As I stated earlier my fish have their favorite foods and Ed's Super Color flakes are definately one of them! Based on the my fish's response to these flakes I would reccommend them to others. I will continue to feed my fish these flakes!
Date Added: 09/29/2007 by Deborah Dempsey
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