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Breeders Delight Plankton Flakes


People reading reviews are probably thinking "This stuff is too good to be true!" Usually, when people think that I would say they're right...however, when it comes to this food they're wrong! I decided to try this food last week and added it as a special treat, rather than my usual flake. My fish actually fought each other to get some of the flakes! They were stealing it out of each other's mouths.

After feeding the plankton flakes on 3 different days, I decided the fish's reactions were enough for me to completely replace my usual flake staple. I use an auto-feeder on a daily basis and went so far as to pick out the sinking foods for my bottom feeders and replace the flake in the feeder rather than waiting to finish the remaining flakes.

There is only one downside to the flakes that I can find. Since they are not made with "heavy fillers" they don't sink fast enough for the bottom feeders to get any of the food before fish in the higher strata eat it all. This can be remedied by releasing food below the water though.

All in all, fantastic food! I've only been feeding for a week, but I'm sold!
Date Added: 06/19/2007 by Ma Li Kwong
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