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Shrimp Pellets / Sticks


My fish adore these. I recently ran out of sinking food for my loaches and had to buy a commercial brand tablet food to tide me over until my order from Ed arrived (I live in the UK, so it takes a few days to get here). I've used Ed's food for years now, and had forgotten how much better it is. The commercial tablets I bought were powdery, smelled unpleasant, and didn't go down well with the loaches. They ate them eventually, but only after assuring themselves there was nothing tastier coming! When my new order of shrimp sticks arrived, they went crazy for them like they always have. The larger loaches grabbed them and shot off to a secluded corner to eat their prize in private... a world away from their reaction to the inferior commercial tablets.

I also wanted to say I love the new stick shape. Unlike the previous pellet shape, these are slightly too big for my Balas to eat on the way down, which means they actually end up on the substrate so my loaches can get them! I can break them into smaller pieces so my Balas can have a few, but as they're mainly for my bottom feeders the bigger size works perfectly in my tank. Thanks so much, Ed!
Date Added: 10/15/2015 by Eleanor Wood
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