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Shrimp Pellets / Sticks


I have been feeding Almost Natural's shrimp pellets for several weeks, as part of the rotation of foods I feed to my fish. These pellets were eaten with enthusiasm by Bettas, Kuhli Loaches, Cherry Barbs, various Rasboras and Tetras, Guppies, Platies... pretty much every fish I keep except Otocinclus. There isn't another food I have found with such an acceptance rate among the different species I keep. The food arrived fresh and very fragrant, and the fragrance has stayed with it for all the time I have been feeding it. My only complaint is that the pellets do not readily sink, and I have to remember to flick them down into the tank to give the bottom dwellers a chance at them before the top feeders eat them all. My tanks go crazy on pellet day, I will definitely continue to feed the pellets, and will most likely purchase other Almost Natural products to replace all of my prepared foods.
Date Added: 08/11/2007 by Sara Maria McCord
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