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Goldfish Flakes


When I received these flakes in the mail I could already tell that they were way different from the traditional flakes you could find in your local store. The smell was rich and I could tell would be very enticing to my fish.

I have a Goldie, named Silver Guy, who has special needs as he can't float unless he's actively swimming. I was a bit worried to try flakes as they generally take a long time to sink and with him not being able to eat from the surface I worried he'd not get enough. Boy was I ever wrong. The second the flakes hit the water they moved underneath the filter's output and were immediately pushed to the bottom of the tank. There they were eagerly gobbled up by my Goldies.

My Goldie, Silver Guy, at the time of the first feeding was healing from a septicemia outbreak and it seemed like his scabs on his sides were taking forever to heal on their typical food. After 1 week of feeding this food, Silver Guy's scabs are fully healed and he's back to his "normal" self!

My other 2 Goldies have beautiful coloring and they really enjoy eating the food. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone out there who has Goldies as it's very natural and you can smell how fresh it is.

This is the closest food to feeding live food, so you know it's going to be great in nutrients and help boost immunity systems in fish! I was very surprised to find out that the flakes don't cloud the water at all, which is why I had switched my Goldies to pellets in the first place.
Date Added: 08/05/2007 by Elysia Schwartz
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