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Saltwater Flakes


I guess I will begin this review with a short story. Where I work, we had a very healthy and successfully acclimated possum wrasse, having it live for a few days is, within itself, a challenge. Watching it for a few days, I decided to purchase it for myself. I fed it brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and cyclopeeze. It didn't touch any of it.

My original thought, was that it would take time to acclimate. Not so, after two weeks, it had not eaten anything that I put in there. It was barely hanging on, it's stomach concaved and turning a terrible light pink. And so, I decided to order the Saltwater Flakes, more specifically, through a friend who ordered for me.

The sealing was professional and great, while the aroma and actual texture of the flakes was not as dry and rough as the more commercial products. I guess the wrasse noticed that too, as it slowly eased to the surface, and in one fell swoop, took a flake from the top. And when I returned a minute later, all of the flakes were gone.

The wrasse is alive today, it's beautiful coloration and activity level beyond that of any other specimen I have yet to see. I have never known how large of a difference a fishes diet can make to it's overall health. And fortunately enough, Ed here helped me realize that with these flakes that really should be considered, heaven sent.
Date Added: 09/14/2008 by Taylor Leisher
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