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Super Green Flakes


I had been looking for a "green" flake for a while that my fish would actually touch. The first day i fed this food, ALL of my fish raced to the top within seconds of the flakes hitting the water. Even my very picky cherry barbs gobbled it up. I watched them go from mediocre looking fish from your local fish store, to vivid red. The condition and color of all my fish improved, from the cherries, the bettas, and even the cichlids.
probably one of my favorite things is this food didn't leave as much of a "film" on the top of my water like other foods did, and my fish searched out each last bit, leaving none to go to waste.
I ended up feeding much less too, because they weren't wasting so much, this little sample bag lasted FOREVER it seemed, at least until my CATS found it and finished it off, haha. even they liked it, and they are carnivores.
Date Added: 08/13/2009 by Mallory Kwiatkowski
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