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Fry / Juvenile Food


I am currently raising 3 praecox rainbowfish fry on this food. I have been feeding it to them since they were wrigglers with egg sacs still attached. Normally rainbowfish fry at the youngest ages need green water, infusoria, daphnia or baby brine shrimp to survive because their mouths are so small. But this dry food definitely did the job. It is pulverized into a fine powder which I imagine is just absorbed into the frys growing bodies.

I cannot believe how quickly these fry are growing. They are between 6 - 8 weeks old and I would say in another 6 - 8 weeks they should be about an inch in size and ready to go into the large rainbowfish tank with the rest of the school. This will mean that they reached a size to go into the big tank 2 months earlier than my last fry that were raised on different food.

I definitely recommend this food if you want to raise healthy and beautiful fry from your egg laying or livebearing fish.
Date Added: 02/14/2008 by Mary Duros
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