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Betta Pellets - Micro REDDISH BROWN


I will have to say that my bettas are very picky and spoiled and have the tendency to turn up their noses at almost every food that I try them on. I put the first of these pellets in their tanks not knowing what would happen and they ate them and did the "betta dance" for more! Anyone who has had a betta for long knows that this is a sign of pure joy that the betta gives when they are deliriously happy with the food and really wants more of it. This is a good indication that this food is going to be one of the staple foods for them and I look forward to having a new option in the menu that I can offer them. I am so grateful for this food. Anyone who has a finicky betta can tell you that you can almost go bankrupt trying to find food they will eat and this food can safely be offered to the pickiest of fish and they will accept it, I would guarantee it. :)
Date Added: 02/14/2010 by Rose Michaelsen
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