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Earthworm Pellets / Sticks


Just wanted to let the populace know that I've been a continued and valued customer of Ed's fine tropical fish foods for several years now and I can't speak for my fish, but if they could , they would recommend all his find gourmet blends to all tropical and marine fishkeepers. They have never shy'd away from all his products and devour them with abandon. Since on Ed's special foods the coloring and sizes of all my tropicals have continued to amaze me. I've not lost one fish since using his products and highly recommend them to all. I currently feed small cichlid pellets; green and algae based veggie flakes; earthworm flakes and pellets; mysis freeze dried foods and shrimp pellets as well as algae discs. All the disk and pellets sink save for the small cichlid pellets which does not stop my HRP from eating from the top level of the tank. I really can't express enough thanks to Ed for his continued support for the tropical fish community and wish him well for his additional fish food products going forward. Well worth the minimal investment and your fish will love you for using them.

P.S. Ed's foods will never cloud your water and who else can claim that their products are all natural given the freshest seafood and veggie based ingredients. No that's NO filler !!

Redfish01 (Tom from Badmans)
Date Added: 11/29/2009 by Tom Humienny
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