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Bloodworm Micro Sticks


I noticed that Almost Natural Fish Food has not gotten a review in a few years, unless I am not seeing any current reviews.

Here it goes.... I have been buying Almost Natural Fish Food for a few years and all I can say is that it’s THE BEST! I have tried and used all kinds of different brands of fish foods and while store brought food is o.k., I personally would like to feed my fishes THE BEST food out there! I have tried and used many of the different kinds of fish food that Almost Natural Fish Food carries and my fishes like them ALL! When using Almost Natural Fish food I noticed that my fishes are.... more colorful, they breed more often, have a better offspring yield, more active, and the way the food is made it creates LESS waste. And because it creates less waste it keeps my water cleaner for longer! And if you are NOT like me who is a very heavy feeder then you should not have any left over food in the water because your fishes are all of the food! The bottom line is that you are getting a VERY HIGH quality fish food!
Date Added: 06/27/2020 by Brandon Nishimoto
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