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Breeders Delight Beefheart Flakes


I came to Ed's website on the advice of a fellow fish lover (thanks Sherri!). I have a lot of different kinds of fish - fussy bettas included - so I decided to try several kinds of his flake foods. I fed the different varieites (Beefheart, Earthworm, Freshwater, and Brine Shrimp) to the bettas as a test - and they loved it! They were a little unsure at first, since they normally get pellets, but after the first taste they had no problems chowing down. Even the killies ate it, and they have to be one of the fussiest eaters I've ever seen. My tropical fish were practically jumping out of the water to get it. I'm extremely happy with all of the different flakes that I've tried. The only problem that I found was with bettas. They are slow eaters. So feed sparingly, wait a few minutes, then give them a little more. If you don't it will cloud the water a little. No such problem with tropicals. It isn't there long enough!
Date Added: 08/08/2007 by Kelly Friederich
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